When thinking about the perfect preschool for your child, those who are interested in choosing the best school should understand the main characteristics of such an environment. It’s true that during these early years of a child’s life the main topic for parents is how to develop their child academically, but simultaneously they should put emphasis on his/her social, emotional and physical development, aiming to balance them in a harmonious manner.

bukit timah preschool

Here are some of the main features of the best preschools

Preschools have dedicated educators. The best preschools hire teachers that are qualified with degrees in early childhood education and with experience working with young children.  Excellent preschoolers are child-centered: their teachers recognize that children are not all alike. The best preschools’ programs and teaching methods are tailored to meet the needs and interests of each individual child, thus allowing no child to get left behind and no child to be held back.

The best preschools understand the significance of safety and stress on the need for sticking to a standard security protocol in addition to having well-maintained and age-appropriate facilities, plus a warm ambience where every child feels safe, respected and encouraged to thrive.

A high-quality bukit timah preschool curriculum includes age-appropriate enrichment and learning experiences for children in their early years. It means that the approach of the curriculum fits our preschooler’s learning abilities, motivations, and needs addressing not only the cognitive and physical needs of children, but also the social and emotional aspects to cultivate a well-rounded approach to learning.

The best preschools begin building essential life skills through social and emotional learning. Children in preschool learn about appropriately expressing their emotions, solving social conflicts and respecting diversity.  Social-emotional learning promotes the empathy that’s essential to good friendship and relationship skills that extend into adulthood, and the self-confidence and grit that help kids recover when they stumble.

Good preschools have healthy children exercising their bodies and brains multiple times a day in outdoor playgrounds, gardens and learning spaces. Using methods like regular parent-teacher conferences, parent events and parent volunteers, exemplary preschools nurture a community of involvement by frequent communication between parents and teachers, and making parents feel welcome and comfortable in the school environment.


The preschool you select for your child could shape their learning and their personhood for the rest of their If the importance of staff with qualifications, child-centered practices, play-based learning, health and safety, developmentally appropriate curriculum, social-emotional learning, time outside, parent involvement, diversity, and a commitment to continual quality improvement struck you as good ideas, then your child will be better prepared for kindergarten and will be on the road to a lifetime of education and success.