Natural gas provides a reliable and efficient energy source for homes and businesses across the state. It helps make meals in the kitchen, heats water for bathing or laundry, and powers fireplaces and furnaces to warm the home and reduce heating costs. It’s one of the safest and most versatile sources of energy, providing comfort year-round.

In deregulated natural gas markets like Georgia, you have the power to choose your gas supplier. With a choice of competitively priced plans, you can take advantage of lower average gas rates in Georgia that work with your budget. Whether you are shopping for residential or commercial natural gas, you can compare options on the Choose Energy marketplace to find the best plan and provider for your needs.

The state’s deregulated natural gas market allows homeowners and businesses to shop for their own gas supplier. The market is open to providers that offer low prices, including plans with fixed price per therm, a range of contract lengths, and other ways to save. Once you find a plan that works for your budget, you can sign up online and your new gas supplier will handle the switch and setup. You may even qualify for a free natural gas meter!

A variety of factors influence the current and forward prices of best natural gas rarates in georgia. The most important factor is supply and demand, as the more gas available on the market drives down prices. Another factor is the level of natural gas in storage, as a low inventory can drive prices up. Finally, geopolitical events can influence the market and cause volatility in the price of natural gas.

Learn More About Your Rates

Once you select a natural gas provider, you will be billed by your local distribution company (Atlanta Gas Light) for the delivery of the gas to your home or business. A portion of your monthly bill is a service charge, and the remainder pays for the actual cost of the natural gas.

If you choose to stay with Atlanta Gas Light, you will be a customer of their retail gas division, which is called AGL Retail. As the largest natural gas retailer in the Southeast, AGL offers many different options for residents and businesses to get the most out of their natural gas services.

Choosing a certified natural gas supplier can help you avoid volatility in your gas prices. These companies can provide you with a fixed price per therm and the ability to save through bill credits, discounts, or a low cancellation fee. You can also find tips and tools to help you manage your energy bills and understand what goes into your gas bill.

When selecting a certified natural gas supplier, it is important to consider the provider’s customer ratings and reviews. A good rating and solid history will help you ensure that the provider will treat you fairly and provide quality service. In addition, you should consider how the provider is active in their community. Often, the highest-rated gas providers are actively involved in community philanthropy and volunteerism.