In case you weren’t aware, a whopping 93% of homebuyers conduct their search for a property over the internet. This highlights the importance of a well-written listing of a property description. If you want to wow both the client and prospective purchasers, make sure your listing does justice to the property you’re selling. The good news is that it’s often simpler than you would think to write an engaging listing. With any luck, the following eight suggestions will help you craft a description of your property that attracts potential buyers.

Even though it may seem obvious, be sure that the information you provide in your real estate ad is true. It would be dishonest to call a home “sprawling” if it’s really less than 1,000 square feet. Potential buyers will be put off if they visit a property that has been advertised as being in “great shape” but turns out to have water damage throughout and a crumbling back deck. The only person you hurt when you set your sights too high is yourself.

Rather, be honest about the home’s weaknesses and convert them into selling points or provide recommendations for improvement. Potential purchasers will be more amenable to the necessary repairs if they are given a clear picture of what they may anticipate.

Carefully choose your adjectives.

The original: The stunning contemporary and sparkling interior finishes of this virtually faultless home will take your breath away.

Justify your appreciation, but don’t go crazy. Just keep in mind that people may sense an effortful performance. For instance, the word “cosy” is often understood to mean “extremely little.” You may really let your imagination run wild while writing the description for your property listing. If you use too several adjectives, the viewers may think you’re attempting to make something seem better than it is.

Watch out for terms that might potentially raise red flags.

Zillow conducted a research of 24,000 listings and discovered that certain terms are detrimental to the success of a listing. What this implies is that the words you use to describe your home in the ad may have a direct impact on how much you get for it. Thus be good while describing your home.