Selling a house involves a maze of procedures, and if you are not careful enough, you might get lost in it. From finding the correct buyer to arranging the paperwork, each step has its own hurdles. To help you get out of this maze successfully, here are a few precautions to take while selling your property

Don’t give in to fake promises

Many agencies and brokers show false dreams to sellers only to make some extra bucks. You will bump into such people online when selling your property online. It is critical to keep a distance from them if you don’t want to not lose time and money. Also, conduct a complete background check before finalizing a buyer.

Don’t keep unrealistic expectations of the price

Be practical when pitching a price point. If you demand more than, what the house is worth, you will face problems finding potential buyers. At the same time, don’t settle for a lower price. Pinpoint a realistic price to attract prospects and decent enough to fill your pockets.

Documents required to sell a property

Sale deed

A sale deed from previous owners is needed to seal the deal. If the sales deed has been submitted to the registrar’s office, you need to provide a copy of both the deed and the receipt from the registrar.

Building plan

A few buyers ask for the building plan to make sure the property was constructed abiding by legal norms.

Occupation certificate

It is a simple precaution while selling your house. Keep the occupation certificate handy to show the buyer. You can issue one from a competent authority.

Sales Agreement

This document has to be kept ready at the time of sale. It includes all the payment conditions, the time frame the buyer needs to pay and the price for which the house got sold.

Encumbrance certificate

This certificate specifies that the house is free from any dues. With this, you can win your buyer’s trust and show that the agreement is fair.

Other documents

Other documents required include a letter of allotment, society documents, tax receipts, and electricity and water Bills.

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