What is banjo? Banjo is one of the musical instruments and is basically under the category of a string instrument. A resonator is more important in this instrument and that can be formed through the thin membrane stretched to the cavity.  The membrane is most important in the production of organized sounds such as music and that should be made of materials called plastic. Occasionally these membrane is made by using the skin of animals. This instrument is fashioned in the period of the early 17th century and its origin is Africa where it the use in America.

Majorly there are two different types of banjos available which can be named open black and also the resonator. But beyond these, the banjos are classified based on different criteria and those are Music generated from that, the material used to make that, number of strings that are placed in the instruments. Fine, let us see some more information about these different types of instruments.

  • Open Black: if anyone wants to make and listen the soft music then the open black banjos are the best ones to play. The cost of the open black is moderate and is mainly based on the design.
  • Resonator: This is another type that can be used to make a strong impact on music because the metal plate is a Resonator-equipped banjo that will promote the music forward which will favor the high-impact music. The cost of the resonator is very high compared to the others because bluegrass is mainly used to make this. But whenever anyone wants to make strong sounds then they use this and will not disappoint.


  • String Banjos: This is another type that can be classified based on the number of strings available in the banjo instrument. The most familiar banjos in this category are four, five, six, and twelve-string banjos.
  • Four String: These four-string banjos are perfectly suitable for beginners. Since the string is less they can easily learn how to play the banjos easily. Further, these banjos can be classified as Plectrum and Tenor.
  • Five String: It is the one that made its presence recently and is being used to create organized sounds in different genres.
  • Six String: This exists since the 9th century and the recent models are improvised well. Most young musicians will use this six-string.

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